Board of Directors

Ing. Vladimír Chovan, president
Ivan Struhačka, vicepresident
Ing. Branislav Vrška
JUDr. Martin Záhumenský
Doc. Ing. Juraj Candrák, PhD.
Ing. Miloslav Šebek

Financial Committee

Ing. Štefan Korec, president
Ing. Jozef Štefkovič
Pavol Bíró


Ing. Igor Lichanec, executive director
Ing. Csaba Dénes, linear evaluation
Bc. Jozefína Múčková, accountancy
Ing. Vladimír Varchola, herdbook

Herd Book Board

Ing. Vladimír Rychtárech
Ing. Peter Ivanič
Ing. Ján Huba, CSc.
Ing. Csaba Dénes
Ing. Igor Lichanec

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